Last updated: October 31, 2019

Tutorials and sample

You can use these these tutorials to understand how to integrate your code with Octorate and how you should perform your api calls.

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How Authentication works

Tutorial for log in as api user


First Accommodation

Tutorial for create the first accommodation inside octorate

First Network

Tutorial regarding how to create the first network


First Tipology

Create the first basic room tipology

Custom rate

Create a derived rate for the room tipology


Specialized Topic: OTA

In this guide we will make some clarifications and we will explain the flow in case you're an Online Travel Agency, so you expect to receive content and rates from our side.

Credit Card Management

Check this tutorial if you want to handle credit cards inside Octorate


Check this guides if you are a channel manager, you are not able to support all the providers that Octorate supports and you want to push the Octorate rooms or Rates to the external portals.


Push an Airbnb property


Push an Homeaway property

Coming soon!


Push a Booking Accommodation

Coming soon!