Last updated: October 29th, 2019


What can I do with Octorate APIs?

With Octorate APIs you're allowed to interact with Octorate and the partner of Octorate. You can then create Accommodations and sellable products that can be then sold online through external partners. (Like most known partners)

How does the authentication performed?

Authentication is performed using an ApiKey and a standard Base64 Header. Pratically you will have to include everytime in your calls these two headers


Is it possible to send an not existing room through Airbnb, Homeaway, Etc..?

Yes our APIs allow you to send the content to Octorate but also send it to the portal when all the content is ready

My customers are vacation rentals, how should I use Octorate features to send the properties?

We support vacantion rentals through Multiaccount "network" configuration, check our quick start to understand better.

Is is possible to send different content for each portal?

The goal for our services is to provide an unified interface, and section to handle all the information through many portals. So this for room and rates has a limited support. You should send then all the information as shareable by many portals. Regarding the portals and their configuration, we've discovered that the configuration is too much different, we reserved then to copy some data between different connections but you're allowed to send different content for each portal.

How the authentication to the portal is performed?

Actually, if a connection doesn't exists, you're allowed to create it, but the login to the portal has to be done on the Octorate platform by the customer.

Are all the params /request mandatory?

No. Some params are not mandatory and are related only to specific portals. Check the integration guides to understand what kind of params / calls you have to use


Is there a Pricing? How much it will costs?

Contact our rappresentative sales at tech@octorate.com to know what prices are applied.


Whom should I contact to retrieve informations about an error?

Any errors that is not an Octorate Error is marked given to you with an HTTP code that is not 500,501,502,503. Ant other kind of errors could be because some informations are missing (i.e. 404,400 errors) or because the partner cannot honor the request (550 errors). If you retrieve any 5xx errors feel free to contact Octorate support at tech@octorate.com